Goddess Festival Registration

Festival Information

Registration Is CLOSED

Once the dates have been chosen for the 2024 Festival and confirmed with the Site. information will be posted here.

Full Fee Schedule for Goddess Festival

  Adult Price Child Price
1/1 - 9/2 TBD TDB


If you are flying in, we will be offering a shuttle from San Francisco to the festival site. To use it, you MUST arrive on Thursday by noon PST and leave after 5pm PST on Sunday. It is $75 for the round trip (SFO to site and site back to SFO).








Please fill out this form for EACH attendee who will be coming, including all minor children.

***Note*** The question about group means family groups (Mother and children) or Covens/Circles that are coming together for the festival.

Note: Children 5 and younger are FREE, so there is no shopping cart entry for them. Just do a form submission for them.