Goddess Festival Registration

Festival Information

Goddess Festival

September 5-8, 2024!

Registration Is Currently CLOSED

Full Fee Schedule for Goddess Festival

  Adult Price Child Price
1/1 - 8/1 TBD TDB


If you are flying in, we will be offering a shuttle from San Francisco to the festival site. To use it, you MUST arrive on Thursday by noon PST and leave after 5pm PST on Sunday. It is $75 for the round trip (SFO to site and site back to SFO).








Please fill out this form for EACH attendee who will be coming, including all minor children.

***Note*** The question about group means family groups (Mother and children) or Covens/Circles that are coming together for the festival.

Note: Children 5 and younger are FREE, so there is no shopping cart entry for them. Just do a form submission for them.