A celebration of 50 years of Women's Spiritual community!

It's been fifty years since Z founded the first coven in California. Fifty years of Sisterhood and Goddess energy. In celebration of this incredible milestone, Z Budapest gathered the women in the sacred redwoods of northern California, for four days and three nights of Sisterhood, magick, and joyful connection. 

Each day we had a variety of workshops and opportunities for learning. Renowned speakers such as Letecia Layson, Ella Hope, Jesamyn Angelica, and Heather Houston brought their knowledge and wisdom to share with us. Susun Weed gave us a look into the 50 years of shared herstory of her and Z as feminist makers of Goddess community. 
Under the full Pisces moon we witnessed the initiation of many women and the ordination of two high priestesses into the Dianic lineage founded by Z. The generations celebrated their Destiny cycles, and much raising of wild, radical energy was done. 
Best of all, The Aquarian Holy Book of Women's Mysteries, the ultimate edition of Zsuzsanna Budapest's mighty work, was manifested, and launched into the world. 
ZB has declared that the Sisters will assemble once more in 2024! The Goddess is Alive; Magick is Afoot!