Goddess Festival Presenters 2024


Susun S. Weed - a green witch and wise woman, is an extraordinary teacher with a joyous spirit, a powerful presence, and an encyclopedic knowledge of herbs and health. She is the voice of the Wise Woman Way, where common weeds, simple ceremony, and compassionate listening support and nourish health/wholeness/holiness. She has opened hearts to the magic and medicine of the green nations for five decades. Ms. Weed's six herbal medicine books focus on women's health topics including menopause, childbearing, and breast health. Susun's newest book -- Abundantly Well - Seven Medicines -- is already being hailed as a landmark, "critically needed and timely, it redefines patient-centered care."
Visit her site www.susunweed.com for information on her workshops, apprenticeships, correspondence courses and more! Go to: www.wisewomanmentor.com for Susun's free herbal ezine and also mentorship offerings for those who want to go deeper. 
z-latimes-thumbnail.jpgZsuzsanna Budapest recognized a need for a spiritual dimension so far lacking in the feminist movement and started the Women's Spirituality Movement. Founder of the Susan B. Anthony Coven Number l, the first feminist witches' coven, which became the role model for thousands of other spiritual groups being born and spreading across the nation. Author of The Aquarian Holy Book of Women's Mysteries, the seminal book of the Women's Spiritual movement. Pioneer against laws prohibiting fortune telling. Her own 1975 case paved the way for women everywhere to tap into that birthright as a way to earn a living and serve the public.
Z has led rituals, lectured, taught classes, given workshops, written articles tirelessly, and published several books on multiple topics. Her works include Grandmother Moon, The Grandmother of Time, Summoning the Fates, and Z's Easy Tarot. Her ordained Daughters include many who have gone on to teach and lead in their own right, creating a lineage of fierce, independent women who continue the legacy of raising consciousness and bringing women to the Goddess.

Miri Hunter Haruach, Ph.D. has studied tarot for over thirty years.  She has worked with many pioneers in the field including Z Budapest, Vickie Noble, and Karen Vogel.  She is the creator of the the Queen of Sheba Oracle Deck; a deck which weaves the legends and stories about the matriarchal Land of Sheba into a wisdom journey of self-knowledge.   She received her doctorate in Women’s Spirituality from the the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.  At the core of her academic work is a fusion of the Sacred Feminine and the performing arts.Her studies have taken her to sacred pilgrimage sites all over the world including Greece, Turkey, Israel and Malta.

In 2013, she moved to the Hi-Desert in order to enjoy the beauty of the desert, and in 2017 she founded the Hi-Desert's Thought Theatre Morongo Basin Company and Co-Founded the Hi Desert Fringe Festival. She was awarded the honor of Best Director of a Play by Broadway World for the Palm Springs region. In 2022 Miri received the Desert Star award for directing. 
Professor Hunter is currently an adjunct associate professor at St. Mary's College in Moraga, CA and Copper Mountain College in Joshua Tree CA.



Letecia Layson is a Filipina, Feminist, Futurist, Priestess of Morphogenesis (Form Coming Into Being), High Priestess of Diana; Priestess Hierophant in FOI/TOI-LA. Letecia is one of the founding Mothers of the Center for Babaylan Studies; a member of International Feminists for Gift Economy; and an organizer of the Modern Matriarchal Studies Network.







Valerie Byrne is deeply committed to tapping into the healing vibration of Song. She has seen the transformation in her own life through singing in harmony with Heather Houston and Yala Lati for over 15 years. Val is a licensed psychotherapist who brings her expertise in emotional consciousness and mindfulness to the experience of being in a circle as a therapeutic experience. Valerie has several song writing credits to her name within the Sisters in Harmony. She comes highly recommended by Heather Houston.








Yeshe Matthews Mandala Priestess of the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple, has dedicated her life to female mysteries, sacred healing practices and the ways of the Goddess, with ongoing study and practice in Tibetan Buddhism, Siberian/Mongolian Shamanism, Ifa, Mayan Cosmology, and Dianic Goddess Spirituality. With a Master's degree in Women's History from Sarah Lawrence College in New York, she brings more than a decade as a diviner, ceremonialist, and soul guide to the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple. www.mtshastagoddesstemple.com




Astarte expresses her creativity through her unique approach to dance. Her multi-cultural studies of art and spirituality has shaped her view of dance as a spiritual practice.  She enjoys offering classes and workshops in Sacred Dance as a way to explore and honor the divine.

Astarte’s passion for music and dance inspires her to learn and grow as an artist and a dancer. She has studied various different dance styles such as Egyptian, Turkish, Romani, Persian, Indian, Flamenco and Modern Fusion. She sees a correlation between the dances and the mythology and ritual of the ancient cultures from which they originated. She views the dances as a link to the ancient cultures of the past, and embodies sacred dance as a spiritual practice. She teaches classes and workshops designed to promote sacred dance as practice for physical, spiritual and emotional well-being and empowerment. She facilitates sacred dance workshops, women’s circles and Red Tents to create sacred spaces for women to be in support of each other.



ritashahi.jpgRita Shahi is a Priestess of the Goddess, Ceremonialist, Healer, and Bodyworker in the San Francisco Bay Area. Rita believes that bridging body and mind is the key to living a holistic life.  In addition to massage and energetic healing work, Rita leads Circle of Her Sacred Flame, a women's spiritual ritual group in Oakland, CA. Her schedule currently offers Womyn-Only Rituals for the 8 High Holydays and a 5-part Womyn’s Elemental Magick in person course. Rita received her graduate degree from Sonoma State University in Depth Psychology and weaves Jungian Depth Practices alongside her Dianic Priestessing. She is an active student of life and dwells in Her mystery. In 2017, Rita was guided to pilgrimage to her ancestral motherland in the Balkans along the Adriatic Sea. This journey furthered her studies with Goddess-centered themes and fueled her thesis, Re-Membering the Sacred Feminine through the Motherline. Rita is dedicated to the Motherline Lineage, Raising, and Uplifting Womyn to know who they are and from where they come as a basis for Personal Empowerment and Spiritual Growth. Rita is a contributing author in the Girl God anthology Re-Membering With Goddess: Healing The Patriarchal Perpetuation of Trauma published Spring Equinox 2022. Follow her on Instagram @sacredhearthgoddesstemple.




Rev. Laura Gonzalez offers her intuitive gifts as a Spiritual & Community Healer, Priestess and Minister and is a Practitioner of Traditional Mexican Folk Magic, Native Philosophies and North American Paganism in the Goddess tradition. Her community activism is an extension of her spiritual practice, she is an advocate for the Indigenous, Pagan & LGBTQIA communities and cares deeply about women’s rights, suicide prevention and diversity inclusion. Laura co-edited the e-zine, El Caldero and has published there and in Circle Sanctuary Magazine. Her book written collaborations appear on the following titles: “Pagan and Witch Elders of the World” by Tamara Von Forslun, “Dream Witchery” by Elhoim Leafar,  “The Gorgon’s Guide to Magical Resistance” by Laura Tempest Zakroff, “Cancer Witch” by Ivo Dominguez Jr & Madame Pamita and, “Madre Mundo” by Christian Ortiz (Spanish). Laura has been deeply honored to present workshops at events such as Parliament of the World's Religions, Greater Chicagoland Pagan Pride Day, Fort Wayne Pagan Pride Day, North Western Indiana Pagan Pride Day, St. Louis Pagan Picnic, Circle Sanctuary and Pagan Spirit Gathering. She’s a leader in her community as a resident Bruja (healer) and as volunteer ESL teacher at the Aquinas Literacy Center. Laura González is also a popular podcaster and producer of her shows, Lunatic Mondays and Paganos del Mundo and manages Circle Sanctuary Network Podcasts.